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Filming with Pete Waterman

I am soon to be filming a short interview with Pete Waterman for Eurovision.

Luckily, a lot of it is being sorted by BBC Publicity so it means I can just turn up with my Z1 camera, tripod and some lights, and ask Pete some questions. Just need to sort out the Filming Permit and Risk Assessment.

Pete Waterman

Once we confirmed the interview, we asked people online to submit questions for Pete. Within minutes we had ones, including “will there be a key change in this years song?” (haha brilliant!) and “if you could choose any popstar to sing your song, who would it be?”

I’m really excited about filming the interview.

The edited package should be online next week in time for Your Country Needs You, being aired on Friday night.

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Archiving and Archive

Eurovision WebsiteEurovision is soon to be upon us and as part of the website I am currently collating the winners from the past.

I think that’s one of the great things about working at the BBC… the archives. With just a search on the BBC intranet, you can get tapes from yesteryear… even things in Black and White!

I’ll be clipping everything in Final Cut Pro this time I think as I haven’t used it for a couple of weeks.

I always think it’s strange when go from using one editing software to another.

It’s almost like you are a translator but instead of a interpretingĀ a verbal language, it’s an editing language.

Whilst doing this, I’m also archiving all the clips I did for SYTYCD so I can send them to contributors etc.

It also means that I have copy of everything I have done, not only for my showreel but also, in case anything happens legally that means I have to provide a version.

I know the chance of anyone questioning anything is very slim after it has been complied, but it’s better to be safe!