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The V&A Digital Decode Exhibition

Boring, unimaginative, with no variety are NOT the words I would ever choose to describe the Decode: Digital Decode Exhibition at The V&A*.

(*note the dramatic twist I took you on there!)

There seemed to be something for everybody. From those who know little about digital design and the way it is being used to create the next generation of artwork (aka me), all the way to those who could do their own digital decode exhibitions in their flat in Manchester (aka Paul Michael Smith). It engaged and certainly educated all its audience.

My personal favourite piece of art was Dandelion by Yoke which “combines interaction, design, programming and audio engineering to create responsive…experiences”

AKA point the provided hair dryer at the CGI Dandelion and it made all the seeds blow away. Great fun!

It reminded me a lot of something from A Bug’s Life by Pixar, which is probably why I liked it so much. The colours were so vivid and it brought fun to the artwork.

There was also a great Multiplatform piece of art by Fabrica called Exquisite Clock. It was constantly being updated by images that were uploaded by visitors to www.exquisiteclock.org. A great example of interacting with an exhibition from home…even when home is half way round the world! Possibly where the future of art is going?

The complimentary programme which you received on entry to the exhibition, contained insightful interviews with artists and inspiring events that are taking place throughout its run at The V&A.

All in all, it’s a must see for anyone interested in what the future holds for the digital world. In other words, anyone.