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Sunshine and Pens

Temperatures are expected to reach 17C this weekend. With that in mind, it’s time to take the scriptwriting on the road!

Well, when I say on the road, I mean to the park.

I’m 13 pages in to my Scriptwriting Frenzy.  I should be writing about 3.3 pages per day in order to meet the 100 page quota for the deadline. Certainly won’t be doing the College trick and leaving it until the night before!

In other news, the recce went really well and I was able to make contact with the people running the Eurovision event.

Took a few stills and have worked out where to do any filming; the venue is a pub and so noise was instantly a real issue.

From my experience when I filmed in a Playgroup for Children in Need, I shall be using a clip mic on any contributors and make sure their backs are to the crowd. It worked really well for me with the Tess Daly video

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For all the wrong reasons I love this blog…


I’m just glad that things like this happen to other people as well and I feel your pain Matt.

I just love the progression of feelings used in the tags. You can track the the stages of realisation.

The last time I experienced this was when the guys from Chapman Entertainment came to view the Children in Need 2009 Behind the Scenes edit I did for the single.

After working fine for the two days before the morning meeting, my laptop suddenly decided to be totally stubborn and only work as quickly as a slug would move!

It worked out fine in the end though as Claire and Emily ventured to get their coffee.

Phew! Thank goodness for caffeine addictions!

Cup of Coffee