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Birds Eye View Film Festival 2011

OK, so I lied about my next blog being about my short film but I found this and it was much more interesting! Don’t think I will put ‘up next’ on the bottom of my blogs…I never seem to stick to it haha.

The initial programme for the 2011 Birds Eye View Film Festival has finally been announced and it’s already looking quite interesting:

  • A masterclass with filmmaker Lucy Walker, director of award-winning documentaries Blindsight and Wasteland. Taking place at BFI Southbank on Wednesday 16th March.
  • An opportunity to meet some of the filmmakers attending Birds Eye View in association with Shooting People. Taking place on Friday 11th March at the ICA.
  • And also, a chance to see how the scriptwriters from the She Writes scheme has been getting on over the past year.

The tickets go on sale in February. Meanwhile you can keep up to date with all the other news with their Twitter account, on Facebook or through their website.

The views and opinions in this article are that of my own and not my employer.

Post Production Reinvented?

During 2010 Birds Eye View Film Festival, there are a number of skillset courses and talks taking place. I managed to attend one about Post Production at the ICA.

Although the speaker, Fernando Ruiz, knew a LOT about filmmaking and post production, and was VERY passionate about his topic, I thought the talk was going to be about what the future has to bring for filmmakers.

I have already shot tapeless, editing and digitally grading the footage on FCP. Topics that Fernando was explaining.

The Reinvented term in the title of the talk, made me think it was going to be about the future of Post Production.

For example, iPhone applications that News Teams are apparently being given in order to send their edited footage around the world in seconds! Amazing!

The speaker also disappointed me a little with his approach to the Internet.

Yet again he was a stereotypical “it’s just the web” kind of person.

A true #fail in my eyes because with BBCs Project Canvas and a series of other on-demand functions soon to be streaming through your television, I believe the relationship between filmmaking and the web hasn’t even started.

Ahh well. At least I managed to hand out a few business cards…

The opinions and views above are completely mine and not of my employer.