Current CV

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Self Shooting / Self Editing
–    Very Confident in using broadcast quality cameras; Z1, EX1, DSR, SPX 900
–    Over 5 years experience using Final Cut Pro and AVID, editing to broadcast and professional standards
–    Very confident with lighting, using Dedo, Satchler and Kino lights

Sound and Audio
Over 2 years experience in sound editing and mixing
–    Written and directed VO, recorded in a Sound Studio with Engineer

–    Confident in writing and subbing text, clearing and checking copyright for music and stills, sending content for compliance
–    Experienced in making editorial decisions whilst filming

–    Regularly use FTP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop to update my own sites as well as BBC, trained in using BBC iBroadcast and Pit
–    Very confident in using Final Cut Pro Studio, AVID and Adobe Premiere.

Time Management
–    Very organised person who remains flexible in order to meet deadlines and produce work to a high standard
–    Experienced in time managing other people and leading a productive team

Employment History
September 2009 – Present
Self Shooting / Editing Assistant Content Producer
BBC London
Eurovision, Strictly Come Dancing, Children in Need 2009, EastEnders

January 2009 – September 2009
Self Shooting / Editing Researcher
BBC Manchester
Dragons’ Den, Last Man Standing, The Speaker, Last Choir Standing

January 2008 – January 2009
BBC Manchester
Scallywagger, Film Britannia, Street Doctor