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Information about the shoots that I go out on

Filming for Your Country Needs You… Update

Filming the 6 finalists went really well yesterday. They gave some really good answers about how they were feeling about the final days of rehearsal.

I managed to edit, sound mix AND colour correct the sequence in 62 minutes which I was quite proud of.

The clip has been complied and will be published this morning.

Today, we have the interviews with members of the public. Let’s see if the weather holds up for filming outside *fingers crossed*…

Filming for Your Country Needs You

 Over the next couple of days I am lucky to be involved with the build up to Your Country Needs You which is on BBC 1, Friday 12th March at 20:30!

Shooting Schedule for TursdayToday we are going to grab the 6 finalists as they exit the studio, asking them about how they are getting on.

Back to the office and after a quick edit the clip published on the website later today.

Then tomorrow I am off to interview members of the public as they wait to enter the studio.

There’s quite a following on Twitter and it will be interesting to finally put screen names to faces.

As I edit the audience clips together to publish on the website I shall be sticking around to film an interview with the winner after the live show.

Once again, the winner’s interview will be edited and published before we go home.


Let’s just recap my checklist…
Call Sheet…. Done
Filming Permit…. Done
Risk Assessment…. Done
Batteries charged…. Yep
Tape stock…. Plenty

It’ll be a great chance to work to such tight deadlines.Risk Assessment for filming

 There’s nothing quite like running round TVC with a film permit, a call sheet, a risk assessment, the equipment, and a song for the nation in your heart…

The views and opinions above are that of my own and not my employer

Filming with Pete Waterman

I am soon to be filming a short interview with Pete Waterman for Eurovision.

Luckily, a lot of it is being sorted by BBC Publicity so it means I can just turn up with my Z1 camera, tripod and some lights, and ask Pete some questions. Just need to sort out the Filming Permit and Risk Assessment.

Pete Waterman

Once we confirmed the interview, we asked people online to submit questions for Pete. Within minutes we had ones, including “will there be a key change in this years song?” (haha brilliant!) and “if you could choose any popstar to sing your song, who would it be?”

I’m really excited about filming the interview.

The edited package should be online next week in time for Your Country Needs You, being aired on Friday night.

The views and opinions of this article are my own, and not those of my employer.

Dragons’ Den Online

Dragons’ Den Online is back in full swing and I jumped at the chance of filming the After the Den interviews on DSR.

You may have heard about the new online only version of the show from fellow blogger Lee Collins.

What a lovely crisp morning in ManchesterThis photograph shows Manchester at 6AM, just as I arrived at the location.

We filmed with Dom Byrne who you may know from The Chris Moyles Show or Oddbox. He was great and you can find him on Twitter!Dom Byrne commenting on Twitter about the filming day

Although we were late in starting the first pitch because of an issue with the lift, by 10AM we were ready to start and the first entrepreneur went to pitch their idea to the two Online Dragons; Shaf Rasul and Julie Mayer.

We watched each of the pitches in the Gallery so that Dom could make notes and ask the intrepid entrepreneurs questions corresponding to the action in the Den.

My DSR camera waiting to be put on the TripodThe main thing that I learnt from it all was FOCUS! The last time I filmed the Dom Interviews, a lot of my footage seemed to be out of focus which was a real shame. However this time I made sure that every shot, wherever I moved to, was in focus.

I did this by zooming in, checking the focus, and reframing quickly while the Entrepreneur answered the question.Watching the pitches from the Gallery

It was a fantastic day despite the 12 hours of running up and down four flights of stairs. It made the lamb curry at dinnertime all the more satisfying.

I had to use talkback to keep in contact with all production crew

Bring on the next block…

These are my own opinions and views and not those of my employer.

Shoot Day

I’m just putting the finishing touches to the paperwork for today’s filming.

My Call Sheet for today

The Call Sheet is nearly complete thanks to the help from my Production Co Ordinator (who, in other news, has recently been made Production Manager so well done her!).

The Risk Assessment has been signed off and we have been given clearance from the location. Contracts were sent back and fourth and an agreement was finally reached.

I have the equipment all ready; a Z1 camera, Sony clip mic and a tripod. I’m also going to take Dedo lighting with blue gels just in case the light in the room isn’t the best. It looks to be a bright day down in London though so hopefully I won’t need the lights.

I am taking blue gels in case I need to use the dedo’s with natural light streaming through the windows.

Balancing of light temperature is something I learnt on a shoot I did 2 years ago as part of BBC Aspirations. I think, because it was something I figured out myself, it increased my confidence with lighting.

I think the key thing is to play around with different scenarios if you have chance. You learn so much by having a practical go of filming.

Anyway, I’ll continue my printing and will blog about the shoot soon.

Editing, Shoots and Council Tax

Editing for any website, at times, can be a difficult thing. You have to manage a polished sequence with half the resources (if not less) of a linear team and much, much less time.

This week was a good example of this and for those of you that read my other Blog entries, you’ll know the fun it brought.

A video to accompany the adventure is now available*

*Please read in an advertising VO style for this to have full impact.

Next Shoot… looks like I shall be interviewing two contestants from SYTYCD if the contract with the location all goes according to plan.

At the moment they want a deposit up front and we don’t usually work that way round.

The two people I am interviewing only have an hour to film with and there’s no point in dragging them across London for such a short time. Also they are rehearsing all so it’ll just needlessly tire them out.

Hopefully it will get sorted tomorrow and I shall be able to get these interviews. Otherwise I may have to wait until next week.

The Risk Assessment was signed off today for the shoot which is good.

Meanwhile I am going to collect the kit tomorrow so I can check through it My AVID editing stationbefore I head to location and it’s back to the editing station so I can complete the judge comment mash-up.

And in unrelated and boring news, I also have to pay my council tax first thing tomorrow morning woohoo!

SYTYCD Recap… have that!

Victory is mine!

Today I finally completed the 60 Second Recap, got it signed off and finally published. Who said that persistance and pestering piss people off? They get the job done and that’s the important thing!

Also, the collection of words give great alliteration.

OK, so now for a bit of geek. Please scroll down to the next piece of text in bold if you don’t fancy the following…

AV Wires connecting the decks togetherI think the Firewire connection has been damaged somehow on the J-30 at work.

It means I have to be a little crafty and wire the Digi deck to the DVCam deck with a Composite Video A/V Lead so that I can connect the DVCam deck to my laptop and use this to digitise.

Great news regarding a short term fix for digitising.Digitising Learn to Dance videos

Bad news because it means I don’t get the correct timecode and have consequently found it quite difficult when syncing the multicamera footage for the Learn to Dance tutorials.

It usually means I have to find a piece of obvious audio wave that is visually noticable, so that I can use as a point to mark. Then, because I use AVID, I can go to Bin > Group Clips > choose inpoints to sync the camera angles.

It’s fidley but not the worst thing that could happen.

Ok, geeky moment over.

I’m now on to organising a shoot for Friday afternoon with Lizzie and Tommy from this years SYTYCD. I’m interviewing them about their experiences during the series and will hopefully be eiditing this on Friday afternoon ready to publish ASAP.

Although the ASAP may have to be AS(as I can do it) as I’m back up to Manchester this weekend for other filming on Saturday.

Have you figured out what it is yet? I promise I’ll let you know in due course.

There may even be pictures!

Answers on a postcard… or alternatively you can tweet me your suggestions.

60 Second Recap… Screeeeeech!

The 60 Second Recap that I produce for So You Think You Can Dance came to a sudden stop today after the TX tape wasn’t available for me to use… sorry for everyone who expects to see it on a Monday but it shall be published tomorrow.

The day began like any other Monday I have encountered the past 6 weeks.

Get to the office so I can digitise any tapes. Also write up Voice Over script for the 60 Second Recap.

Leave the office to travel to Clear Cut Sound Studio near Soho Square… get off the tube at Tottenham Court Road and walk a little up the road. Although this morning I ended up taking the wrong turn and ending up a few streets over to where I was supposed to me.

Thinking about it, I should have known about the day I was about to have when this happened

10:00am = 11:00am
Record the Voice Over with Danny Nutt (the artist) and Malcom (the sound engineer). Once it has all been recorded we wait for the CD to burn.

 At this time in a morning I am sure I bore (or scare) the life out of Malcom, talking about whatever random things pop in to my head after such a hectic morning.

Run back to the office to find post production people had arrived in (woohoo). Tapes were no where to be seen (uh-oh).

It’s at this point when the day seems to trail off in to a collection of, getting a tape, not getting a tape, not finding the correct tape, not having any tapes, checking my Twitter account (obviously), back to finding the tape, there’s nothing on this tape, no tape, forget the tape, go home.

I shall return tomorrow morning to continue the fight with the TX tape and the attack of the Time Management.

I hear from myths and legends (also known as email) the tape is ready for me to pick up first thing.

We’ll just see about that!


The problem with Coffee…

So, having been on a mini shoot this afternoon and stupidly having a coffee while I was there, it looks like I won’t be getting to sleep any time soon.

What a perfect time therefore to blog!

The shoot today consisted of me filming some people running around an area, waving their arms and legs manically, trying to boost the power bar. No I’m not talking about a new wii fit game. It’s a new interactive game for several Big Screens around the country as part of the Sport Relief Mile

A new London friend is currently working on the BBC website and has the very exciting job of filming with some kool people. More information to come about this as I don’t want to give away all the secrets yet!

Meanwhile, I am finishing my work on So You Think You Can Dance and what work it has been!

With this website I have had the pleasure of directing and producing 12 Learn to Dance videos which was great experience for me! It was the first time I had a crew to direct and I have to admit, despite finding the part where I didn’t need to help rig or de-rig, I loved every moment of it.

At first I thought that lighting the shoots in a standard flood light style would be adequate enough, but having taken a walk round Shepherd’s Bush, a sudden thought, almost like a lightening bolt, struck me.

Before I knew it we were inverting the lights and making the shoot a lot more stylised. Give those BBC Three folks something to think about 😛

So that’s what I have been up today….

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These are my own opinions and views and not those of my employer.