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ahh the joys of editing… Tips, questions and advice about my editing trials and tribulations

Filming for Your Country Needs You … Conclusion

The final of Your Country Needs You was quite the exciting and interesting night!

I was able to hit all my deadlines with speed yet precision and can safely say I am able to shoot and edit videos, with basic colour correction, grading, titles and audio mix, in 45 minutes.

Friday certainly put this to the test and I turned around 3 videos:

And a third video where we interviewed the fans as they came to TVC.

The winner was revealed and Josh will now be taking the UK through to Eurovision 2010 and while many people have already snubbed him, I think we are going to do really well this year.

It’s such a happy and catchy tune, and for all those who say it’s rubbish…well just have another listen to some of the other Eurovision 2010 entries and then get back to me.

The thing I love most about the track are the lyrics. For anyone that knows me, you’ll already be aware that 99% of the time, I like a song for the lyrics and how it ‘speaks’ to me. This is one of those occasions.

So, good luck to Josh! I shall be speaking to him about behind the scenes filming, but in the mean time, I hope he will enjoy all that is coming his way…

The opinions and views expressed in the article above are that of my own and not my employer.

Filming for Your Country Needs You… Update

Filming the 6 finalists went really well yesterday. They gave some really good answers about how they were feeling about the final days of rehearsal.

I managed to edit, sound mix AND colour correct the sequence in 62 minutes which I was quite proud of.

The clip has been complied and will be published this morning.

Today, we have the interviews with members of the public. Let’s see if the weather holds up for filming outside *fingers crossed*…

Post Production Reinvented?

During 2010 Birds Eye View Film Festival, there are a number of skillset courses and talks taking place. I managed to attend one about Post Production at the ICA.

Although the speaker, Fernando Ruiz, knew a LOT about filmmaking and post production, and was VERY passionate about his topic, I thought the talk was going to be about what the future has to bring for filmmakers.

I have already shot tapeless, editing and digitally grading the footage on FCP. Topics that Fernando was explaining.

The Reinvented term in the title of the talk, made me think it was going to be about the future of Post Production.

For example, iPhone applications that News Teams are apparently being given in order to send their edited footage around the world in seconds! Amazing!

The speaker also disappointed me a little with his approach to the Internet.

Yet again he was a stereotypical “it’s just the web” kind of person.

A true #fail in my eyes because with BBCs Project Canvas and a series of other on-demand functions soon to be streaming through your television, I believe the relationship between filmmaking and the web hasn’t even started.

Ahh well. At least I managed to hand out a few business cards…

The opinions and views above are completely mine and not of my employer.


For all the wrong reasons I love this blog…

I’m just glad that things like this happen to other people as well and I feel your pain Matt.

I just love the progression of feelings used in the tags. You can track the the stages of realisation.

The last time I experienced this was when the guys from Chapman Entertainment came to view the Children in Need 2009 Behind the Scenes edit I did for the single.

After working fine for the two days before the morning meeting, my laptop suddenly decided to be totally stubborn and only work as quickly as a slug would move!

It worked out fine in the end though as Claire and Emily ventured to get their coffee.

Phew! Thank goodness for caffeine addictions!

Cup of Coffee

SYTYCD Mashup Edit

I was given a brief to edit a mashup of judge comments for So You Think You Can Dance 2010. A little like the edits that Casetteboy produces:

I love Casetteboy’s stuff and was so excited to see him in the BBC talking about winning The Virtual Revolution.

After a mammoth digitising session I was able to move on to subclipping the judges comments.

Whilst subclipping, I used what the various judges said to name each clip. This meant that I could print out the bin and piece together sentences like a giant word jigsaw puzzle.

My colourful jigsaw puzzleWith a little help from Post-It notes, I was able to clearly see each sentence.

To give the edit a twist, I then replaced the actual footage with key words that each judge said.

It was an interesting way of working as it meant I could practice my title tool and keyframing.

The mashup edit will be available on Monday for everyone to watch.

I hope you enjoy!

As ever, these are my own opinions and views and not those of my employer.

Editing, Shoots and Council Tax

Editing for any website, at times, can be a difficult thing. You have to manage a polished sequence with half the resources (if not less) of a linear team and much, much less time.

This week was a good example of this and for those of you that read my other Blog entries, you’ll know the fun it brought.

A video to accompany the adventure is now available*

*Please read in an advertising VO style for this to have full impact.

Next Shoot… looks like I shall be interviewing two contestants from SYTYCD if the contract with the location all goes according to plan.

At the moment they want a deposit up front and we don’t usually work that way round.

The two people I am interviewing only have an hour to film with and there’s no point in dragging them across London for such a short time. Also they are rehearsing all so it’ll just needlessly tire them out.

Hopefully it will get sorted tomorrow and I shall be able to get these interviews. Otherwise I may have to wait until next week.

The Risk Assessment was signed off today for the shoot which is good.

Meanwhile I am going to collect the kit tomorrow so I can check through it My AVID editing stationbefore I head to location and it’s back to the editing station so I can complete the judge comment mash-up.

And in unrelated and boring news, I also have to pay my council tax first thing tomorrow morning woohoo!

SYTYCD Recap… have that!

Victory is mine!

Today I finally completed the 60 Second Recap, got it signed off and finally published. Who said that persistance and pestering piss people off? They get the job done and that’s the important thing!

Also, the collection of words give great alliteration.

OK, so now for a bit of geek. Please scroll down to the next piece of text in bold if you don’t fancy the following…

AV Wires connecting the decks togetherI think the Firewire connection has been damaged somehow on the J-30 at work.

It means I have to be a little crafty and wire the Digi deck to the DVCam deck with a Composite Video A/V Lead so that I can connect the DVCam deck to my laptop and use this to digitise.

Great news regarding a short term fix for digitising.Digitising Learn to Dance videos

Bad news because it means I don’t get the correct timecode and have consequently found it quite difficult when syncing the multicamera footage for the Learn to Dance tutorials.

It usually means I have to find a piece of obvious audio wave that is visually noticable, so that I can use as a point to mark. Then, because I use AVID, I can go to Bin > Group Clips > choose inpoints to sync the camera angles.

It’s fidley but not the worst thing that could happen.

Ok, geeky moment over.

I’m now on to organising a shoot for Friday afternoon with Lizzie and Tommy from this years SYTYCD. I’m interviewing them about their experiences during the series and will hopefully be eiditing this on Friday afternoon ready to publish ASAP.

Although the ASAP may have to be AS(as I can do it) as I’m back up to Manchester this weekend for other filming on Saturday.

Have you figured out what it is yet? I promise I’ll let you know in due course.

There may even be pictures!

Answers on a postcard… or alternatively you can tweet me your suggestions.