About Me

Two time RTS winner for Digital Innovation and 2010 Broadcast Magazine Hot Shot, from the small town of Glossop in the Peak District.

Now live in the amazing town of High Wycombe with my awesome fiancé and our 4 cars with character; Arthur the Abarth, Yellow Car the Megane, Red Car the Punto and Twizzikles the Twizy…. don’t ask!  I LOVE the fish pie from my favourite pub in the area, ‘The Royal Standard of England

I worked for BBC Entertainment, Music & Events for 11 years in London and amongst other things I did a grand total of 9 consecutive Eurovision Song Contests for the UK delegation. Since May 2018 I have worked for BBC Studios in the International Formats team. I am now what they call an International Format Producer, Consultant or Flying Producer

I didn’t have my first gin and tonic until I was 31 years old! I’ve made up for it since then though

I prefer Samsung over iPhone but I prefer Mac laptops over PCs even though I know software works for longer on a PC… it’s a tough life!

I communicate 90% of the time in sarcasm

For more info on all my employment, take a look at my LinkedIn…

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