Elder Millennial

It’s no lie, Millennial’s get a bad rep. With our kitch overpriced coffee, abrevs, complaints on socials and those dam-addictive falsified selfies

But we’ve also lived through a really strange era of transition (I’m sure way stranger than the discovery of fire or later, steam power!*), especially us Elder Millennial’s who straddled the bridge between a time of winding that tricksy escaped tape back with a pencil. Or the pesky tracking line that never quite disappeared, pulsating across the 4:3 screen ever so often to remind us that we weren’t really on a hunt for One Eyed Willy’s lost treasure. We were watching a film and just wished we were. Not like now, where the screens makes me feel like I’ve window-washed my eyeballs!

I class myself as an Elder Millennial, mainly because I heard it in a hilarious stand-up by Iliza Shlesinger on Netflix, and I thought, that’s a great way of setting me slightly aside from the hardcore Millen’s, making me less about the Twitter trolling and more about the cultured letter writing. I mean, it clearly doesn’t, but apparently denial seems to be one of our key traits so I thought I would embrace it.

Anyway, that’s exactly what I’ve started doing when I’m away with work. No, not the trolling. The letter writing! I’ve gone back to the era when pen and paper were Royalty and you got serious hand cramp after 15 seconds of serious scribing.

The thing I’m finding (and also remembering having had the historical duty of being a penpal; remember them!!?), is when you’ve got through an entire page with gorgeous joined up letters cascading into one another like a flowing babbling brook, but then you get too cocky and bang, a mistake is made, only this time there’s no backspace. You’ve got to live with a line through the shame and everyone knowing that you can’t spell buisness or seperately or definately.


Another thing I forgot and now remember is how bad my spelling is (!!) and of course having to live with zero emoji’s to emphasise a joke or statement (unless you draw them and lets face it, no sketch truly lives up to bull emoticon, poop emoticon!). It’s a tough life. But I power through, living with my mistakes, badly drawn pictures and inability to spell seperately.

*sarcasm alert

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