Trivial (but important) Travel Thoughts

Sitting at the airport waiting for a flight to Belgium, my main thoughts seem to be extremely trivia. Then again, I have always known I don’t really kick in until about 11am!

Antwerp City Skyline

Firstly, I’m not sure whether to get a coffee or not (I did)

Secondly, at 5am, I’m not sure whether it’s too early for food (I was ready)

And finally, how on earth do you pack for two days, keeping your suitcase in a suitably composed manner without the dreaded thought of everything spilling out once you start to creep the zip open… I’m so tempted to go and ask the group of business people sat opposite who seem to have brought a half filled rucksack and a small wheel on, barely worth the four wheels of support. Meanwhile I’m sat here like I’m about to go on an expedition to the Himalayas… did I really need that extra extra extra pair of socks? I’m only away until Thursday morning! (Still TBC on that resolve)

An hour later, and I’m on the plane.

[Boring but useful chat alert!]

I have recently bought a travel pillow (see told you… snooze) to try and eradicate the wonderful and most relaxing ‘bend and snap’ head bounce when falling asleep sat up. I decided I needed to do something after I headbutted the window on a flight back to London. In the end I bought a BCOZZY Travel Pillow and it’s amazing!

BCOZZY travel pillow

In the past I’ve always had a difficult relationship with the travel pillow. I’m not sure if my neck is too long or my shoulders are too low. Either way, it hurts. But the BCOZZY adjusts to your own posture and neck position. It’s great, and I managed my first ever sat up snooze without bend and snap head bounce. Bliss!

As the plane lands in Belgium I’m then met with my next problem… are we out the E.U. yet because I do NOT know which queue to join! Before I’ve had chance to Google, I’m swept into the All Passports queue. It’s there I learn we are still in the E.U. for a little longer… ahh well. I guess it was good practice.

And with that, I’m in sunny Brussels, ready to make my way to studio and watch their first record…..

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