Scriptwriting Frenzy

Writing my scriptWith just 4 days left to go until the deadline for Scriptwriting Frenzy, my fingers have been creating smoke and sparks this weekend!

If you haven’t already guessed, with my blog topics over the past month, Scriptwriting Frenzy has been taking up a lot of my time.

On Thursday morning I heard an argument on the tube between two people who worked together at a local catering company. Person A; we’ll call her Lucy had ignored Person B; we’ll call him Jack.

Lucy had prepared a fruit salad, NOT a leafy salad!Notes for my Scriptwriting Frenzy

Needless to say it went straight in to my script when I had chance to get a pen and paper out. I changed the topic slightly though. I’m not sure a salad argument would work as well in a Car Showroom.

On Friday it was a bizarre conversation with a colleague at work that really helped me past a stumbling block I’ve had in episode two. She was talking Scriptwriting Frenzy notesabout how someone in her block of flats keeps stealing the post. (it’s delivered to a communal place). One of her flatmates found £500 missing from her bank after a new debit card came for her and a neighbour managed to find it first! Eek!

As she was telling me I began to think, that is exactly something that Mickey would do. It’s strange how the characters in my script are becoming more like actual people.

Anyway, another 16 pages to write. Then its just a case of uploading it to the website……

The views and opinions expressed in this article are that of my own and not my employer.

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