Ideas Generation #3

Ideas come from public places…

I love this technique. It really uses my ability and fondness of ear wigging and being nosey.

Sometimes, the best snippets of dialogue can be found in a public place.

I remember once, listening to a full on argument about a bus pass taking place over the phone on a bus.  It was great because I only got one side of the story from the woman sitting behind me, but some of the phrases she came out with were priceless.

I then regenerated the conversation, but with two of my own characters and changed the bus pass to a gun. Needless to say, the scene became quite dramatic!

So these are three ways in which I generate ideas.

Of course there are plenty more ways to generate ideas, some of which will fit the way you work a lot better.

Hopefully these processes will help me over the next few days to develop a plotline for my Scriptwriting Frenzy.

If all else fails, there seems to be a great plotline generator on the Scriptwriting Frenzy website.

For all those taking part….good luck!

Scriptwriting Frenzy

The views and opinions in this article are that of my own and not my employer.

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