SYTYCD Mashup Edit

I was given a brief to edit a mashup of judge comments for So You Think You Can Dance 2010. A little like the edits that Casetteboy produces:

I love Casetteboy’s stuff and was so excited to see him in the BBC talking about winning The Virtual Revolution.

After a mammoth digitising session I was able to move on to subclipping the judges comments.

Whilst subclipping, I used what the various judges said to name each clip. This meant that I could print out the bin and piece together sentences like a giant word jigsaw puzzle.

My colourful jigsaw puzzleWith a little help from Post-It notes, I was able to clearly see each sentence.

To give the edit a twist, I then replaced the actual footage with key words that each judge said.

It was an interesting way of working as it meant I could practice my title tool and keyframing.

The mashup edit will be available on Monday for everyone to watch.

I hope you enjoy!

As ever, these are my own opinions and views and not those of my employer.

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